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Financial Help Required to come out of Bank Loans

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Dear All - I am a software engineer working for a reputed private service based company in India. I'm humbly reaching on this platform to donate for my debts that were incurred due my health ailment. Also my family went through great financial losses through agriculture. I'm in need of your support to come out of my loss. My EMIs are more than my salary. I am not in a position to pay interest, but if any one can help me with INR 25 Lakh or $ 37500 i can repay them on monthly basis. I will be able to repay INR 40,000 every month and return the amount to the one who donates in next 4-5 years. Awaiting from each one of you who have a kind heart who can help the needy.

I am a software engineer coming from a very poor family I have struggled a lot in life bcoz of the word Money. Now at least when I started getting salary I thought everything will go well but nothing like that. I have spent a lot to fulfill greed of family members and unfortunately on my health issues. Now I am totally left with Debts nothing else. Even I get decent salary of 50k INR(Indian Rupees) per month but of no use my bank EMIs have grown so high that I am taking personnel loans every now to and then.To clear one loan I am taking another so interest rates r growing and I am unable to look after my family / myself with the salary I get.
My debts have reached to an amount of 2.5Million that is 25 lakh Indian rupee.
Through CyberBeg I don't want to cheat any one by taking money.I just want to get rid of my bank loans and heavy interest. I m looking for a person who can lend me 2.5Million or 25 lakh Indian rupees or $40000 U.S. dollars. I don't want you to give me money just like that. I WISH TO repay the entire amount on monthly basis, only thing I need is a someone who can lend me such huge amount now and allow me to pay on monthly basis without taking any Interest on the amount. I can pay more than half of my salary every month that is 30k Indian Rupees every month and I will be able to return entire money lender by You in 5-6 years.

Waiting with so many hopes and a last hope left.

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