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 Please Help Me Help My Family
 Lack of Money Should NEVER Stifle Brilliance
 Please help me, genuine and desperate, My GF could die without!
 Devastated and Alone - Please Help
 Need Help Reducing Business Debt
 could use help with money
 I accidentally gambled away $2500.00
 I was young and stupid, I owe 8000
 disfigured man denied SSI disability please help
 I have a dream..
 Need Help Now!
 Dream is tough
 Widower needs help
 Please help with spiraling college debts
 I know there is someone out there who WILL read this
 Please read , thanks !
 Medical Supplies Needed, Please Help!
 Business going into liqidation
 I believe by Faith
 start business to defend rights of special need children
 Desperately Need Help
 63 yo single woman made a stupid mistake
 Medical Supplies Needed, Please Help!
 Rectal Cancer: must get to reputable clinic in Mexico 4 cure
 Chemically contaminated society is killing me.
 Standing for the Truth
 She's still a little girl...
 Bringing my wife's ashes to Cambodia
 Medical Supplies Needed, Please Help!
 almost perished one last cry for help
 Help me, please!
 Not to proud to beg
 Disabled veteran needs special transportation and home fixup.
 I am doing this for my mother.
 chronic heart failure, stage four, terminal
 Please Help Almost Homeless Veteran
 Huntington's Disease Victim needs Help with health care bills
 Help me start my career
 Married Boomers Terrified For Future Decades with No Jobs or Inc
 need help for son's training
 Help a vetrean
 Need help getting back on track after having a premature baby
 Medical Supplies Needed, Please Help!
 Praying For A Miracle Loan
 Need more to pay for college!
 Homes For Veterans

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